Nikhil Joshi, M.D.
Doctor, Author, Leader
Nikhil Joshi is a young physician, writer, and speaker. He is passionate about furthering his ability to touch the lives of people positively.

Modern Love

Modern Love

We took a drive together
As friends often do.
And she told me all she had learned
From a love that had once been true.

The beautiful are shitty
This I know as fact
The reasons I believe so have now begun to stack.

They’re clueless about others,
Equally useless in a bind
The pretty are the people who’ll leave you and me behind
Because that’s how we made their kind

We worshiped them for something
They we wanted in ourselves
Not realizing that beauty is something you should have always felt
About your life, the birds, the seasons,
Film, art and truth.

And if you spent enough time, loving them as I have.
Then you’ll realize in a moment why you should feel glad.
Because beauty is a trap that hurts the bearer the most
As people line up to take a slice of you like toast.
They want it, always crave it, that piece of you that’s visible.
None of the animals caring whether you’re genuinely happy or miserable.
They just want your beauty, so do they even love you?
The truth about everyone else is that they’re shitty too.

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