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The Litany of Hope

The Litany of Hope

The Litany of Hope
Inspired by the life of Kory Turpin

I will not fear Cancer.

Cancer is my teacher. Cancer will teach me to be patient, kind and loving. Cancer will not make me shut to this world but rather to open more. Cancer forces me to live today because tomorrow can no longer be taken for granted.

I will not fear the consequences of Cancer.

I know in my heart that as long as a life is filled with love it has been well lived. I know I have tried my utmost to live this life well. That I have failed at points does not matter- that I will persist on loving in the face of any adversity is what transforms me.

I will suffer gracefully.

It is inevitable that I will suffer. But how I choose to suffer, how I attempt to live that suffering is what will determine the strength of my character. And I choose to suffer gracefully, I choose for my suffering to have meaning, I choose for my suffering to be helpful and holy. I will never suffer unnecessarily.

I will choose to be happy.

The length of my life is not under my control. But how I live my days is. And I choose to be happy, to not worry, and because I choose it firmly this makes it true. I will share this happiness with everyone I meet, because happiness shared is doubled. I share happiness because it increases my own joy, and makes this world a better place.

I will surrender to life.

To surrender to life is to see this world as a wondrous place. Surrender is not a dove, but a lion. Peace and acceptance are the tools of the truly powerful. To fight is to be contained in a struggle; to surrender is to go above the struggle. I choose to surrender and with that choice I free myself.

I conquer death by smiling.

The only power death has is fear. And because I am free of fear, I smile. And when I smile no matter what happens to me- I win.

Nikhil Joshi, October 19/2013.

8 Responses to “The Litany of Hope”

  1. Wayne Turpin

    This is what I needed to read this am to help me in my coming to terms with not seeing my son’s smiling face whenever we would meet. Over the past year I had grown much closer to him as we both dealt with and tried to understand the twists and turns of life. I am going to miss him….

  2. Lesley-Ann Browne

    This writing by Dr. Joshi is truly inspirational and reveals how Kory lived his life and accepted his illness. Thank you for sharing this with me and thank you to Dr. Joshi for taking the time to express his thoughts so eloquantly and compassionately. As you know I did not know Kory but I have heard you speak of your son with much love, respect and admiration. He deserved all.

  3. Justin Nurse

    This tribute is wonderful. I know that it would have meant the world to Kory that he inspired you throughout your fight. He told me more than once how much respect he had for you. I will always miss my closest friend. He embodied all of the sentiments you beautifully articulated above. Thank you x1000. Oct 19 2013 the light in this world dimmed but he left some of his light within all of us.

  4. Jeannie Hann

    This is just beautiful and very moving. God love /God bless Kory

  5. Randy Roy

    Wow ! Thank you for the tribute and insight on the journey. Kory was an amazing man and friend. Was looking forward to some great times together…but will have to wait for just a while longer. Prayers to all I know and don’t know who are missing an amazing friend.

  6. Brandon

    Kory had the best mentality for living life. He was aware of the constrants of the world, but didn’t fear to push them. He recognized all of the incredible, but appreciated the most simple. Kory loved and was loved. He was my friend, my cousin, and my inspiration.

  7. Noeleen Gray

    I have had eight family members pass on because of cancer. My Father is now in his second battle. I thank you for your words of love, light and inspiration. They will be shared with my Dad and all the cancer patients we encounter along his journey. May God bless you, Kory and all that help those in need of enlightenment and strength. Thank you!

  8. Father Cecil Critch

    My prayers are with you during this difficult journey. May God bless you each day with strength, boundless courage and new hope. I recall wonderful memories of our time together at St. Bon’s. You are such a wonderful person and you have been chosen by God to be a role model for many. God bless you always with his peace and healing.
    Father Cecil Critch (St. Bon’s teacher)
    Marystown, NL

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