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Heroes & Villains

Heroes & Villains

How utterly uncomfortable this is, isn’t it?

When it’s a conservative politician, it’s so easy to call them a racist.

When it’s a progressive darling with washboard abs, it seems more nuanced doesn’t it?

The truth is: it’s always more nuanced.

As someone who experienced something short of a genuine hate crime, the casual nature of calling someone a racist is utterly contemptible. Trudeau is not a racist. But putting on brownface? Yup, that’s kinda racist dude.

So we have a choice:

Either accept that people who have a different viewpoint and politics, aren’t immediately the scum of the earth.

Or burn our heroes at the same stakes as our villains.

Go beyond party politics. Vote for a candidate you believe is a good human being, who will make reasonable, rational choices, for the betterment of all.

But whoever you vote for, stop acting morally superior. Neither side is that great or terrible.

Heroes and Villains aren’t as different as they may seem.


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