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Nikhil Joshi is a young physician, writer, and speaker. He is passionate about furthering his ability to touch the lives of people positively.

Dear Vegas,

Dear Vegas,

You are the coolest place in the world. I have so many distinct grand memories of you. The first time was with seven of my friends after a bad break-up. By the end of it I had stories that would last a lifetime. Six trips later, I still come back for more.

When you arrive on the strip you’re finally in a civilized place. The kind where you can have a beer while you walk. See a world class show. Or get hammered with your Mom at the piano bar of the Bellagio.

We all have crazy beautiful Vegas stories. The best part about it was that people came together for one reason: to have a great time. The clubs and night life were warm and friendly. People were excited to talk to one another and be free. Vegas brings people together. It brings family, friends and couples together.

It’s a paramount achievement in world class multiculturalism. Tourists from all over the world worship at your altar of freedom. We’re free to be whoever we want to be when we come to you. You accept it all from us, the totality of our humanity. It’s not all pretty, but it is all real.

I feel so sad about this world. We’ve created such beautiful things. Like music, and wine and buffets. And all some of us want to do is enjoy that world before we die. To love each other, to eat exceptional food, and stay-up all night. High with being alive. Because if you’re one of those people life is so sweet.

We’re going to lose all these beautiful things because a few people are fuckers. We’re eating ourselves and it didn’t need to be this way. We don’t need to destroy the things we love.

So call your best friends, pack your shit and when you’re ready, head to Vegas.

Life’s a gamble. Living it is winning.

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